Creating Outstanding Retail Experiences

We bring reach, speed and the power of our proprietary, customizable commerce technology toolkit to your retail operations. The KARTJIO Seller Toolkit allows you to pick and choose from various modules and manage all your sales channels: online, mobile store-fronts and in-store sales.

Focus On Profitability

At KARTJIO we focus on improving your bottom line. Our distributed fulfilment network coupled with our inventory management toolkit helps you optimize inventory allocation across the country and lower total logistics costs while maintaining same-day/next-day service levels. In addition, our completely automated Cash-On-Delivery (COD) reconciliation and remittance process reduces working capital constraints and enables us to remit capital collected in 12-48 hours to you. Rely on us to help you ensure consistent and seamless consumer experience at a minimal cost.

Scale Up Rapidly

Partner with us to leverage India's fastest - growing fulfilment and logistics network. Setup an account with us and join our expanding network of over 25,000 sellers!

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